The WordPress Homepage & How to Set up a Custom One

Latest update 7 September 2020 Published 15 July 2020
WordPress Homepage

In web development, the term “homepage” is used to designate the main page of a website. It’s used in the menus and other interfaces in the website to access the main page. By default, a WordPress website uses a homepage that shows your most recent blog posts in chronological order from newest to oldest. However, you can also choose to use a static page as your custom homepage. This is a very useful option when your web project is a website rather than a blog.

WordPress Homepage

There are several different ways to modify your homepage or create a static homepage. The first way is to create a front-page.php or home.php file in your theme. Normally, WordPress will direct the index.php file to the homepage if it doesn’t find any other files at a higher level in the hierarchy. For example, before accessing your index.php file, WordPress will check to see if you have a front-page.php file. If so, that’s the one that will be used. If you don’t have a front-page.php file, WordPress will then check to see if you have a home.php file before it uses the index.php file. Refer to the WordPress Codex for details on the hierarchy of the PHP files in a WordPress theme.

The second way to modify your homepage is to create a WordPress base page in the Page section of your management dashboard. Next, go to Settings -> Reading. There, you can select the page you just created to be used as your homepage. You can also choose a different page, for example, the one that contains your blog posts.