Affiliation Infos

Maintaining a site like WP Pour les Nuls requires time and a lot of energy for: writing, programming, marketing, etc. Not to mention the computer hardware and WordPress hosting.

So how does WP Pour les Nuls generate revenus

In my opinion, to build a relationship of trust with a client, a partner, a friend or a family member, it takes honesty and transparency. Don’t be afraid to put your cards on the table, because it is by showing our vulnerabilities as human that we create connections and that we build relationships. This is why I wanted to share with you how WP Pour les Nuls generates income.

In fact, the source of income comes entirely from affiliate marketing (in some rare cases, I may serve banner ads for a month or two). So what is affiliate marketing? It’s very simple: I recommend a service or product via my blog posts. If the user purchases it through one of my links, I get a percentage of that sale.

I only recommend products and services that I have tested myself and with which I endorse the quality of the product. I always share my own opinions with you and I inquire as much as possible regarding all the technical aspects of these so-called products.

You will therefore sometimes see in certain articles, links such as:

These are affiliate links. If you click on it and buy a product, I’ll receive a remuneration.

The Benefits of Using My Affiliate Links

The benefits for you of using my affiliate links are that:

  • You know that the recommended product or service has been tested by a web expert with more than 14 years of experience with WordPress and has created several hundred of WordPress websites of all kinds.
  • That you will most likely be entitled to a special discount from the company since I negotiate the best prices for WP Pour les Nuls users.
  • You will encourage and contribute directly to WP Pour les Nuls, as it then gives me the time and resources to create new quality tutorials for you guys!

I hope this page has helped you understand our business model and answered your questions.

Louis-Philippe Dea
WP Pour les Nuls founder