About WP Pour les Nuls

WP Pour les Nuls is a blog / magazine style website that I started to share some WordPress knowledge, experiences and expertise to help different people in their web projects.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS (content management system) available right now online. In my experience, the CMS is also the most accessible for everyone. This is why I wanted to start this blog. To help new entrepreneurs and different people to be able to publish a professional and functional website/blog at low cost.

This site is therefore a guide about WordPress. A guide on how to create a WordPress site, a guide on how to find a theme, and a guide on all kind of different WP subjects to help you achieve your goals.

– Louis-Philippe Dea, founder of WP Pour les Nuls.

Coming soon on BW

In the coming weeks, months and years, I will continue to share tips and tricks for WordPress users. I will also listen to your needs and suggestions to answer as many questions as possible asked by you, the user.

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